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Custom Die Cut Stickers from Sticker Mule

A hundred years ago on Dribbble – Sticker Mule was giving away die cut stickers! I said hec, why not? I submitted and in a few short weeks I had some fun dribbble-themed stickers. They were much nicer than I anticipated. Die-cut stickers were not a design I had attempted yet, but I knew one […]

Boston Terriers and Snort Monster!

It was 2005 when I met a boston terrier for the first time. Her name was Daru she belonged to my friend Jessie. She had the greatest spunky personality, and loved you so much when you got home she not only wagged her tail but she practically danced it off!! In 2007

Unconventional Tattly #4

A few weeks ago I submitted an idea to Tattly. What’s tattly you ask? Fun, temporary tattoos made by designers. Back when I was a waitress, and when we had nothing to do I would take the temporary tattoos from the machine and make it stick to the cardboard on the back of my writing […]


Is it me… or did anyone else notice these store signs/logos look oddly similar? Ok so the type is one thing, but the COLORS TOO?! What is this world coming to… !

Lost Type

I came across a great collection of fonts over at I will admit I am having trouble deciding which I want to download…

I shot the Serif

My design professor from college posted this on facebook: I don’t know who designed it, it came from a long chain of facebook sharing. It made me laugh 😀

google web fonts

I recently discovered this from Google with it’s fairly new interface. In sites I’ve design we’ve used “cufón” for typefaces we wanted to have as actual text and not an image. it’s use through javascript and can slow down the site’s load time depending on how much you use. But Google has these fonts on […]

reversible doormat

I love the idea of this mat… it’s reversible! Design that can be seen either way boggles my mind a bit because I wouldn’t even know how to make it happen. But this made me laugh and I found it here.

The Book Of American Types 1941

Last weekend I went to visit my mom, she lives an hour north of me in the town where I grew up. I had gone to community college starting back in 2003 and I always past this vintage shop, located in a building that used to be a barn. For years I drove by without […]

Methane Studios & DMB

This year I attended quite a few Dave Matthews Band shows (I’m a long time fan). I was so tempted to purchase some of the posters they had at each show. The designs were so awesome, and unique for each individual concert. I thought to myself “Now that’s an awesome job, designing posters for DMB!”. […]